Is Karan Johar planning a Student of the Year sequel?

Karan Johar’s fifth directorial venture, Student of the Year, was a success. The film launched the careers of four promising actors, Siddharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Kayoze Irani. A fun-filled film that revolved around the lives of three protagonists and their friends, this campus romance enthralled audiences with its youthful theme, amazingly catchy music and extravagantly glamorous touch. While the journey might’ve ended for Siddharth, Varun and Alia, who have all signed their next films, Karan Johar plans to continue with the Student of the Year franchise!

The director-producer plans to use the Student of the Year theme to launch more actors in the future. Confirming the same, Karan recently tweeted about his plans for a sequel. “For all those asking… definitely planning SOTY 2. Dharma (Productions) plans to make it a franchise and launch new talent with it each time,” Karan posted on Twitter.

In the original, Siddharth plays Abhimanyu Singh aka Abhi, a middle-class boy who finds himself amidst the company of rich kids at school including Shanaya Singhania (Alia Bhatt) and her boyfriend Rohan Nanda (Varun Dhawan). Abhi seeks to fulfill his ambitions and win the school trophy. He falls in love with Shanaya and ends up befriending her boyfriend. A love triangle ensues due to this and Abhi locks horns with Shanaya’s boyfriend, Rohan. The two boys compete to win her heart and the Student of the Year trophy.

Karan might have tweeted about the Student of the Year sequel, but he hasn’t divulged anything more. If true, the upcoming sequel is bound to grab the attention of fans just the way the original did!

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