Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar plan to co-produce upcoming project

A while ago, superstar Akshay Kumar who has starred in several blockbuster films articulated, “Karan Johar doesn’t take me in his films. He probably thinks I’m not good enough.” The actor has never worked with KaraKaran Akshayn, though things are about to change. Just recently, Karan spoke about an upcoming project with the actor. “The movie is main-stream and has a very strong underlying social message. It’s solid and hard-hitting,” said the filmmaker.

Speaking about the comment made by Akshay Kumar earlier, Karan said, “Actually, it may have started rolling after that. We met at a party, and what started off as a joke has turned into something serious.” He also went on to add, “Akshay has a strong grip over stories and screenplays. He’s very clear about the way he wants things to be. The film is going to be a very hard-hitting, mainstream commercial venture with an edge.”

The actor will star in the film and also jointly produce it under his Hari Om Entertainment banner. Speaking about his collaboration with the Dharma Productions chief, Akshay said, “We are two very passionate producers with one great aim – to entertain. Both Karan and I want to make our fathers proud.”

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