“I wish Hindi Cinema would pick socially relevant subjects,” says newcomer Siddharth Malhotra

“In the Dharma office, when Manish (Malhotra) and writer Niranjan Iyengar saw the film after the first edit, they said my voice, my lanky arms reminded them of Young Bachchan. With all due respect to Mr. Bachchan, it really thrills me whenever someone says they get a whiff of him in me. Ek jhalak dikhti hai. Bliss!” says newc

Rang de basanti

Rang de basanti

omer Siddharth Malhotra, speaking about the compliment that touched him the most. The young actor made his debut with Karan Johar’s fifth directorial venture, Student of the Year and played the lead alongside newcomers Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt.

Acting in a big-budget Karan Johar film has been an experience unlike any other for Siddharth. The making of the film has taught the youngster lessons in life that he’ll carry with him in the future. “I realized that it comes down to me. They (filmmakers) don’t tell you how to give the shot, they just tell you whether it was a good or a bad shot. So the onus is on you. Nobody tells you what to sing, they just tell you how to sing,” says Siddharth Malhotra.

That apart, the newcomer has also spoken about the changes his wishes to see in the film industry this year. Quoting Siddharth, “I wish Hindi Cinema would pick socially relevant subjects and make films like No One Killed Jessica and Rang De Basanti. OMG! Oh My God had a great take on religion. I’d love to see more biopics. As an industry we should not bow down to diktats of the Censor Board. Precious time is lost dealing with stupid cases people file at the silliest pretext. We need to have a strong board that fights together.”

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