Student of the Year’s debutants speak about the film’s success

It goes without saying that Karan Johar’s fifth directorial venture, Student of the Year, has changed three lives; the lives of the film’s debutant lead, Siddharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt. Together, the trio has graced the big-screen for the first time with this appearance in Student of the Year and has grabbed hearts. SOTY

Alia Bhatt, director Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter who plays Shanaya Singhania in the film says, ““Yes, ‘SOTY’ is a dream debut for me. I could have not asked for anything else. Moreover, the success of the film has surely helped me deal with the tense situation I had to experience until the verdict was announced. I will straight away like to say that half our battle was won when we signed the film for Karan Johar. His name in itself proclaims success.”

To this, veteran filmmaker David Dhawan’s son, Varun Dhawan added, “I am happy for the stupendous beginning. After the success of this film, I have decided that I shall sign a few good films from outside banners. Subsequently, I shall do films with my dad and my brother. For me, Karan Johar productions and David Dhawan productions are both equally important. And I know both Karan and Dad will leave the decision to me for choosing films for myself.”

Model-turned-actor Siddharth Malhotra is also jubilant about his big-screen debut in Student of the Year and went on to say, “I have been an assistant to Karan Johar from the making of ‘My Name is Khan.’ I am happy to gain recognition now. But it makes me realize one thing distinctly: that I have to keep up to the attitude of a hero. After my film ‘SOTY’ was termed successful at the box office windows, my fans and audiences have started recognizing me.”

Student of the Year released on the 19th of October, 2012, and was proclaimed a blockbuster.

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