Karan Johar continues paving his way to a glorious future

The Dharma Productions head, Karan Johar, might’ve crossed the usually feared threshold of 40. But that certainly hasn’t stopped this multifaceted director from dishing out films that appeal to folks from all age groups. A few months ago, the director unveiled a youth-centric film, one that simply reflects his youthful attitude. Speaking about reaching the 40s, Karan Johar stated, “I am not the one really to believe these myths that surround turning 40; that 40s are the new 30s and 40s is where really life really begins those are all excuses 40 year olds make. I just have to say that this is the beginning where the teeth do start to minor rattle, the knees start to minor shake and the back starts giving away and there is a loss of sleep and all of that comes with the territory. So I have to say that this is the advent of aKaran Joharll those things.”

Professionally, the director-producer plans to stop at nothing. Karan Johar seems to have embraced his past, his present and his promising future. For him, the films he has directed and produced in the past are his biggest achievement and those who’ve been following his products of filmmaking recognize the mark Karan Johar has etched on the minds of many. “I think I have inherited a great kind of good will from my father and all that translated into these wonderful equations that surround me today. You can perceive that as being a fence sitter because I don’t get into people’s problems or perceive me as somebody who cares for everyone. Genuinely, people I love and whose lives I have touched, I want to continue doing just that.”

The personification of the title ‘beautiful people’, Karan Johar will continue bringing to the big-screen films that pull at heartstrings.

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