Karan Johar – “My life is my work”

“I hate walking into an empty bedroom at night. There’re large lonely moments. Fortunately, I’ve the best relationship possible with my mother. That makes up for every relationship I don’t have. Of course, I’d love to be in a relationship. But it has to be one I completely believe in,” said Karan Johar a while ago, articulating what he thinks of relationships. The director-producer turned 40 this year and has stayed single. Crowned as one of Bollywood’s most eligible bachelors, Karan Johar has it all. The head of Dharma Productions, Karan has kept himself busy with his films and has stated, “My mom doesn’t badger me for a daughter-in-law. I live so many lives as a filmmaker that I forget my own emptiness. I am too busy creating lives on screen to create a relationship for myself.”

karan johar

karan johar

The director has been subjected to a host of rumors and linkups, including those of him tying the knot! “My life is my work. I’m happy when I’ve a problem with someone. It’s a diversion. I’m so busy being affable, amiable, accessible. Every year I like to have one person bad-mouthing me. It entertains me,” said Karan, shrugging of rumor-mongers.

For Karan Johar, crafting movies is more of a passion than a business. The director claims to be married to his profession and has given the best part of his life to the world of movies, dishing out one blockbuster after another. With all of this, Karan has certainly managed to carve a place for himself in the hearts of many. Just recently, he released his fifth directorial venture titled Student of the Year, a campus romance that reflects Karan’s signature style of glamour and extravagance.

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